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A Fenland perspective

11th January 2017|POSTED BY: Admin

Maidstone Buildings Mews, Borough High Street, SE London, managed by APT Property Management

Sineidin O’Reilly-Nelson, Property Director at APT Property Management, based in Fenstanton, Cambridgeshire, explains why the firm decided to take the plunge and join ARMA.

We are very excited to be newly fledged members of ARMA, having made the decision to apply for membership earlier this year.

APT Property Management is a small, family run property management business, and felt that becoming members of ARMA would give us a heightened status among our current and potential clients. In addition we felt that ARMA would provide our company with a supportive and informative network of professionals, and a clear and thorough code of practice to follow. We have found that leaseholders and freeholders can both be slightly cautious when dealing with managing agents, especially if they are not familiar with the company. Being a member of ARMA lets any potential clients know that we have a trusted and respected regulatory body behind us, and that we will carry out our role under their guidelines. It also gives them the comfort of knowing there is an authority that they can deal with, should it be necessary.

The application process was very straightforward, and we found that being able to carry out most of it online really streamlined the procedure for us. We dealt with several ARMA representatives both over the phone and via email throughout the application, and found them to be friendly, helpful and efficient with all of the queries we had.

The process for applying for membership was clearly set out to us at the beginning of the process, and we found everyone we dealt with to be well informed and incredibly supportive. We also felt that the application process helped us to condense and organise our own company information in a much more user-friendly way, and also highlighted a few things that we needed to improve on along the way.

We were thrilled to find out we had been accepted as members, and have now been looking into the wide variety of courses and workshops that ARMA offer. There is a great range of these available for us to now take advantage of, and we are very excited to sign up in order to widen our skill set, as well as meeting other members of ARMA.

We have found that many of our existing clients have been very enthusiastic about our joining ARMA, and feel that it is a very positive step for both us and them. We have recently taken on two new developments, both of whom were quick to ask about our ARMA status before instructing us, and felt very comfortable with the fact that we had been accepted for membership. We therefore believe it will have a very positive impact on attracting any new future clients.

In addition, we recently attended the ARMA Conference, and were very impressed with the whole day. It was a great opportunity to meet with other members, as well as representatives from ARMA, and we found the speeches and debates incredibly informative and useful. It was great to hear such a range of input from other attendees, and we felt that it was a great opportunity to meet with such a wide range of ARMA members, both old and new.

We would absolutely recommend joining ARMA to any potential new members. The process was transparent and easy to follow, the ARMA representatives who helped us were always responsive and co-operative, and now that the process is complete and we are members it is already having a positive impact on both us and our business. It feels great to be a part of such a diverse and informed group of industry professionals, and we are now looking forward to any further opportunities our membership will bring.