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    ARMA is the leading trade association for residential managing agents in England & Wales. We promote high standards of leasehold management and professionalism through advice, training and guidance.

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ARMA has members across the UK that adhere to a strict set of standards. Enter a location below to find an ARMA member in your area:

  • TC46: Basic Building Construction and Common Defects

    A one day course covering the basic structure of buildings to give you confidence in your professional reporting, advice and recommendations.

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    TC11: Residential Service Charge Accounts Guidance

    A one day interactive discussion forum addressing best practice for service charge accounting.

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  • TC47: The Technicalities of Block Insurance

    A one day interactive course designed to provide property managers and assistants with the necessary understanding of how block insurance works.

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    TC1: Introduction to Residential Property Management

    A one day training course for those new to the sector providing an overview of residential long leasehold management.

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  • TC39: Reading Leases

    A one day interactive course in learning to read leases constructively and understanding the practical application of the principles.

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    TC50 Turning Round Troublesome Managements

    A one day interactive discussion forum enabling property managers to share experiences and solutions, learn from horror stories and should provide an effective checklist of what to look at and for when tendering for a management or considering whether to engage.

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  • TC49 Presenting cases at tribunals

    This one day course is designed to provide property managers with the means to present a good case efficiently and effectively. You may have the paper trail, the evidence collated/paginated, the technical knowledge and familiarity with the issue/s but are you presenting the case to the very best of your ability ?

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    TCX Understanding Residential Property Management - 2 day course

    A two day training course for those with some experience of the residential property management sector or who wish to gain wider or more specific knowledge of the requirements for good and proper management.

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