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10th November 2015|POSTED BY: Admin

By Andrew Hargadon, Burns Property Management

ARMA-Q is the new self-regulatory regime for ARMA managing agents. Here Andrew Hargadon from Burns Property Management describes what it was like going through the accreditation and audit process.

When we drilled down to the nuts and bolts of the standards set by ARMA-Q, we found that in the majority of cases we were already meeting the standards. The documentation was extremely comprehensive and having had the opportunity to attend a seminar which focused on the accreditation process in detail, we felt well that we were already well prepared to meet the expected standards.

Our procedures had already been approved by ARMA during the audit process and we didn’t need to seek much further guidance, however we knew the support was there and it was invaluable in the early stages. On the day of the audit the inspectors took the time to run through the scope of their audit and were very approachable and open to assisting us.

To achieve the accreditation has taken a considerable amount of time and effort but with the commitment of our staff we see this as time well invested. We now know that we are delivering the highest levels of service standards to our Clients. This process has enabled us to streamline procedures in our office, which will not only benefit the client but has also made us more efficient as a business. Managing agents work extremely hard and in general are underpaid for the work they do; unless we all commit to raising the standards of the industry, we will continue to be considered as the poor relation in the professional market place.

We would certainly encourage all managing agents to join ARMA and to go through the accreditation process. Leaseholders rightly demand a professional standard of service from their managing agent and being accredited allows the agent to demonstrate that they can provide the level of service expected. It is important that agents support the work of ARMA and help to ensure that ARMA-Q goes from strength to strength, which in turn will raise standards in the industry.