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Unreasonable Behaviour Policy

The ARMA and IRPM ‘Unreasonable Behaviour’ policy was developed after industry surveys demonstrated the impact abuse towards property management staff has on the mental health and wellbeing of many.

The ARMA and IRPM ‘Unreasonable Behaviour’ policy is used by ARMA to protect its employees from unacceptable or distressing forms of behaviour.

ARMA and IRPM members are also encouraged to adopt the policy, should they not have a suitable one in place. To signal their adoption of the policy, members may wish to sign and date the below form and display it publicly, on their website and in their office.

ARMA and IRPM created an ‘Unreasonable Behaviour Policy’ as we believe no worker in the sector should have to tolerate abuse. The policy outlines suggested unreasonable forms of behaviour which managing agents should be aware of. It also provides several strategies which may be adopted in order to protect staff from unreasonable behaviour.

To access the 2022 ‘Unreasonable Behaviour Policy’, click here.