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As you are aware, we are all in unprecedented times. We know that the COVID-19 Pandemic will have an impact on people and companies on an unparalleled scale and exactly how it will unfold is still uncertain.

Recently imposed restrictions to daily life have forced us to quickly adopt different ways of working, learning and connecting with each other.

We know that social distancing measures will be in place for the foreseeable future and during this time ARMA has adapted its classroom training courses and will now offer them as live online training.

We are aware during these difficult times that training courses will need to be run to suit our members needs and rather than running a full-day course over one full-day we are running these over consecutive days to allow you to plan your day accordingly around this. Full details of the dates and times are provided on each course by selecting READ MORE/BOOK.

We are able to offer block bookings to members at a further discounted rate and also provide online in-house training courses for your staff. Please also contact us directly for further information on this:



In advance of all of our ARMA training courses we require you to undertake a check on the system requirements using this link

The reason for this is that it will help you avoid any connection issues for you prior to joining our training course. If this is not undertaken until the course commences you may experience technical issues which we may not be able to resolve for you once the training course has commenced.


When the webinar begins, you will be connected to audio using your computer's microphone and speakers (VoIP).Please note that not all laptops have this ability and so we recommend that you use a headset if this should be the case as this will allow you to hear the webinar. 

Please make sure that you check if your computer has a microphone and speakers and if not please ensure that you have a headset that you can use. Please do not wait until the course commences before this is checked.

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Online - 4 Hour Webinar

Date: 29/03/22 - 29/03/22

Duration: 4 Hours - Online

Start Time: 09:30

End Time: 13:30

Price for Members of ARMA: £60.00+VAT

Price for Non-member: £100.00+VAT

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This 4-hour webinar session will introduce managing agents and property managers to lifts, lift maintenance and their responsibilities under legislation. Participants will gain an understanding of how a lift functions, lift maintenance management, applicable codes and standards and how to plan for when a lift reaches the end of its service life.


What the course covers: 

• What is a lift?

— Lift types

— Lift operation

— Lift components

• Regulation and standards:

— The difference between codes, standards and regulations

— Lift design and health and safety standards

— Lift regulations Other applicable legislation

— Responsibilities of the managing agent

• Lift maintenance and maintenance management:

— Service contract types

— Maintenance costs

— Managing your lift portfolio

— Routine checks

• Lift life cycles and future options:

— Determining the condition of your lift

— When to stop maintaining and start replacing

— Refurbishment vs replacement Timescales. 


This course is aimed at estate managers, property managers and anyone who is responsible for the management of a lift within their building.