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ARMA ENERGY Continues to Power More Homes Across the Country

The ARMA ENERGY portfolio continues to grow as more of our members make the switch. 

The network is now at 253gWh pa in consumption, equivalent to the electricity consumption of Southampton.

Launched in 2017 in conjunction with Full Power Utilities (FPU) ARMA ENERGY combines energy buying power and reduces workload while retaining independence and de-risking for members.


Reduced workload and de-risk

With ARMA ENERGY, if a meter for which FPU is responsible falls onto default rates, then FPU indemnifies the client for the difference between the new contract rate and the default rate. This gives you real confidence with your clients.

FPU is bringing its experience as a 20-year established, respected broker with direct access to every UK supplier to aid ARMA members by organising a group deal or a ‘basket’ pricing facility for ARMA members. Unlike other similar deals, ARMA Energy will give you the best possible unit price, no matter what your usage is. 

FPU is fully familiar with Section 20, VAT, query handling, etc, and is developing a facility with a supplier that allows numerous ARMA members a) to be treated collectively for pricing purposes, so producing better prices and yet b) still be treated by this supplier as individual company portfolios.

Of course, the end client still needs to know that the ARMA ENERGY price is as good as possible. To justify the price to the client, when pricing the member’s portfolio into the ‘basket’, FPU will simultaneously price the individual member’s own portfolio across the market to ensure that the price can't be beaten at that time. This offers the best of both worlds, and accountability for the client.

For more information about ARMA ENERGY, including how you can join, click here.