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Lessons from Lockdown - How has ARMA helped its members during COVID?

Dr Nigel Glen, CEO of ARMA joined Chris March, Managing Director of Crabtree for a three-part video podcast to discuss how ARMA adapted its communications and ways of working during the pandemic whilst also advising government and members on reactive action.


Part 1 – Learning, Communication Tools and ARMA’s COVID-19 Guidelines

Nigel explains how lessons learnt from property sectors in the USA and Spain during the early stages of the pandemic helped ARMA advise No. 10 and the HCLG on important issues such as service charge holidays and instructing managing agents. In addition, ARMA delivered regular virtual regional briefings to keep members, and those involved with ARMA, well-informed.

ARMA regularly collated the most current government advice in a single document entitled ‘Isolation, Prevention & Communication Guidelines’ for the benefit of members and the wider public. Revised regularly to include the latest government updates, the most current version of the document (version 14) can be accessed on the ARMA website here.

During the height of lockdown, monthly ARMA circulars became weekly circulars to keep members and those involved in ARMA abreast of rapidly changing instructions.


Part 2 – ARMA Training and ‘Are We Zooming Back into the Office?’

Nigel emphasises the usefulness of video calls, a prime example being ARMA’s upcoming conference which is entirely virtual for this year.

With ARMA’s physical training sessions currently suspended, Nigel discusses the popularity of ARMA’s online training among members and those involved with ARMA.


Part 3 – Key Take Outs from COVID: Trust and Teamwork

Chris and Nigel discuss the effectiveness of video conferencing, what it will mean for businesses in the future and why it can never completely replace face to face interactions.

Nigel also highlights the benefits of working from home and the ability of staff to adapt to no office whilst continuing to deliver an excellent service to members.

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