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Nigel Glen attends National Assembly for Wales Senedd

Inquiry into Grenfell disaster

The National Assembly for Wales Senedd, Equality, Local Government and Communities Committee began an inquiry on fire safety in high rise blocks last year, in wake of the Grenfell disaster. The Committee took evidence from witnesses primarily in the social housing sector.

The Committee agreed to build on the work by taking evidence from witnesses involved in the private sector. The terms of reference for this stage of the inquiry are as follows:

  • How has the private sector responded to concerns about fire safety in high rise residential blocks?
  • What is the extent of remedial work that needs to be done to meet firesafety standards in Wales, and what arrangements are in place to cover the costs?
  • How are leaseholders / residents in Wales being informed about recent developments and reassured about fire safety measures in their block? More broadly, to what extent are residents’ views about fire safety being listened to and addressed.
  • What, if any, additional practical or financial support is needed from the Welsh or UK Governments to help ensure high rise blocks are safe.

ARMA was invited to give evidence to the Assembly and CEO, Dr Nigel Glen, took part in a Questions & Answers session on 27th September 2018 along with ARMA members Mainstay and Warwick Estates. Click here to watch