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Combining energy buying power and reducing workload, while retaining independence and de-risking for members.

We are delighted to announce that ARMA ENERGY has now launched with Full Power Utilities (FPU) as our partner for both gas and electricity contracts. Bringing members’ energy buying power together will benefit members and their clients and can be done while allowing members to retain individual flexibility. 

Reduced workload and de-risk 

With ARMA ENERGY, if a meter for which FPU is responsible falls onto default rates, then FPU indemnifies the client for the difference between the new contract rate and the default rate. This gives you real confidence with your clients.

FPU is bringing its experience as a 20-year established, respected broker with direct access to every UK supplier to aid ARMA members by organising a group deal or a ‘basket’ pricing facility for ARMA members.

The normal problem with deals like this is that whilst it is often used to get the best price for one company with a lot of sites, it’s not normally flexible enough for multiple companies to benefit collectively, each with many sites, as that makes it tricky for ‘basket’ participants to come and go as they may need to. Participants also need to be able to operate in their own way, with differences in billing cycles, formats of bills, etc, still needed. If you have a portfolio with 200,000 kWh usage, you will not get as good a unit price as if the usage was 3GWh.

Using ARMA ENERGY means pricing you in with others gets you the 3GWh price, but at your time and convenience and on your terms. 

FPU is fully familiar with Section 20, VAT, query handling, etc, and is developing a facility with a supplier that allows numerous ARMA members a) to be treated collectively for pricing purposes, so producing better prices and yet b) still be treated by this supplier as individual company portfolios.

The end client still needs to know that the ARMA ENERGY price is as good as possible.  Therefore, just accepting the price is not an option, the price must be justifiable to the client. To give members the confidence they need, when pricing the member’s portfolio into the ‘basket’, FPU will simultaneously price the individual member’s own portfolio across the entire market to ensure that the price is actually the best at that time. The best of both worlds with accountability for the client!

Why we are offering ARMA ENERGY?

Service: This will reduce members’ workload, offload risk and free up time to work on other things. Some managing agents don’t use a broker and spend valuable time contacting a small number of suppliers. FPU can do this for you, reaching more suppliers than you are able. This demonstrates improved professionalism of your company as a managing agent and reduces workload for you. FPU’s service will take a member’s portfolio, organise it, take it both to the whole of open market as well as the ‘basket’, aiming to bring the portfolio to a co-terminus end date, implement the selected deal and manage it for the member.

Prices: Get better prices and remember that these ‘basket’ prices will be specifically for ARMA members and your clients.

Importantly, the use of a broker de-risks your work. Asking ARMA ENERGY to professionally manage your portfolio, means that when tendering they can reach more suppliers, bring expert clarity to an ever-changing and dynamic marketplace, avoid embarrassing out of contract rates, etc, and releases your own staff to get on with the job of providing a high quality property management service.

Even though this is a collective pricing basket, members will maintain their own terms of buying, e.g. BACS, periods of billing, etc.

What to do if you are interested in ARMA ENERGY

Call Full Power Utilities on 020 8952 0125 quoting ARMA ENERGY or email Please ask for Jason Miller or Michele Jaeger.