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ARMA self-service library offers guidance to leaseholders. We would recommend that you view the documents available to see if they can assist.

If they do not, or you require further information then please contact the Leasehold Advisory Service at They are a government funded body who are able to assist you and they provide free information, initial advice and guidance to members of the public about residential leasehold. They are independent and impartial and all of their advisers are legally qualified.


Posted: 01 / 05 / 2011

Updated: 19 / 07 / 2023

Electrical Safety Guidance

With so much legislation in place these days, and conflicting guidance that is all too easily available in the public domain, it can sometimes be difficult for you to know what to do when it comes to managing electrical safety within communal areas in buildings that you own or manage.

This guide was produced by the Electrical Safety Council and supported by ARMA in 2011 to provide you with the right information so that you can meet your legal obligations where you have the responsibility of looking after communal areas.

This Guide addresses periodic inspection, testing and reporting of electrical installations, and the inspection and testing of portable electrical equipment. It also offers some guidance on what to look for when assessing the competence of an employee, or selected contractor, to undertake such work.

Electrical Safety is not all about protecting people from the dangers of electric shock. An overloaded circuit or faulty electrical wiring, for example, can cause a fire. Therefore an overview of fire alarm and emergency lighting systems is also provided in the Guide, together with an insight into fire risk assessments.