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8th February 2016|POSTED BY: Admin

By James Tarr, Head of Andrews Leasehold Managment

When it comes to training, anything that can take the hassle out of organising and arranging a programme of activity is key. With that in mind James Tarr, Head of Andrews Leasehold Management, explains how ARMA helped deliver a tailored in-house training schedule that was just right for his teams’ needs.

We were keen to work with a training provider who would be able to deliver professional, tailored content in a relaxed environment, in order for us to get the most from the course. We were already aware of ARMA’s reputation for providing an extensive programme of training courses and seminars, so it was great for us to be able to bring that reputation and knowledge in-house for the day and really benefit from it.

It was important for us to have a training schedule where staff would feel as comfortable as possible, in a familiar group environment, in order to get the most from the session. ARMA was able to offer us a tailored in-house training programme, designed to meet the very specific needs of our staff, which led to some very insightful ideas and discussions and plenty of positive feedback.

Of course, since the training was carried out in-house, one of the main advantages for us was that ARMA was able to come to us, which meant we didn’t have to factor in the time or cost of travelling to an external venue. In fact, we only needed a small team in the session to make the numbers add up.

Our latest session was ARMA’s TCX Understanding Residential Property Management course, which was tailored for our team, in order to relate the training to specific blocks and situations, making the theory easier to understand. Similarly, we were able to skip certain sections, as we were already fully compliant, in order to make more time available for sections that were new to us all. In that way, it felt more like a continuous conversation than a training session and so, was much more engaging and valuable.

In my opinion, ARMA is the only association to offer decent industry training, which I’ve always found to be of a good quality and 100% relevant to the topic at hand.