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Why Eastbourne Lettings joined ARMA

7th December 2016|POSTED BY: Admin

The Eastbourne Lettings team with Monty, the dog.

Eastbourne Lettings started as a residential letting agency in 2003 and branched into block management five years later.

“Having been members of ARLA for several years it made sense to us to join ARMA. We wanted the extra standing the accreditation would give us with Freeholders, Leaseholders and RTMs across the town. We also knew that we would gain extra confidence in our skills as property managers once we passed the application.

We found the online application very user friendly and any documents we needed were easily accessible. Once we had started the application we took the opportunity for a technical officer to visit for the day to assist us.

The technical officer that visited, Helen Christie, spent time with different members of staff explaining things and helping us gather the necessary documentation. When Helen left after spending the day with us she left some clear next steps for us to follow. She was always accessible over the phone and very approachable assisting us throughout the whole process.

We also learnt a great deal throughout the application process and it made us look at our practices relating to important matters such as Health and Safety. We found the accountant’s report on Eastbourne Lettings very useful and we learnt a great deal especially around the handling of clients’ money.

There was a great sense of achievement throughout the office when we learnt our application had been successful and we received some congratulations from other ARMA members. All members of staff have now signed up to ARMA training courses and are really embracing the property management side of the business. The success of joining has greatly increased everyone’s confidence.

Joining ARMA has helped us expand our business. When we go for interviews for new blocks we are always quick to talk about our ARMA membership and how that makes us stand out from the crowd and we very much stress the Consumer Charter so they know they will be in good hands. Most people are keen to sign up once they see the standard of management we can offer thanks to the extra status given to us by our ARMA membership.

We would recommend to any property management company that they join ARMA and we are looking forward to seeing what new opportunities our membership brings for Eastbourne Lettings.”